CAPTAIN is dedicated to the following:

  • Statewide access to trainings in Evidence Based Practices (EBPs) that are locally based (Trainer of Trainers at the local level), culturally sensitive, family centered, cost effective, and competency based.

  • EBPs should align with the California ASD Guidelines (once they are published).

  • Training emphasis should be on how to use EBPs to assist students in accessing the core curriculum and CA Common Core State Standards.

  • Ideally, training would be collaborative, multi-agency between Regional Centers/D.D.S., SELPAs/LEAs, and parent groups/family resource and CA Family Empowerment Centers.

  • Trainings should be conducted at a local level or utilizing technology for equal access across the state.

  • Topics for staff will be based on assessed needs of staff in the region using an assessment tool or protocol for determining training needs.

  • Statewide access to ongoing training, support, and technical assistance to implement EBPs and ensure fidelity of implementation with a forum for collegial communication and support.

  • Idealy, a training model and manual which outlines both process and content would be developed and accessible.

  • Web based access to material and resources.